Bulk Sms Service

Bulk SMS services allow you to reach out to your customers, prospects, and staff within seconds at the click of a button. Send & Receive Bulk SMS With Easy to Use Web Portal. Hence, Our Simple and Intuitive Dashboard Allows You Send SMS Quickly with Less Effort.

Mobile marketing using Bulk SMS:

  • Promotional:

    • Reach your target audience to develop your business through our mobile marketing one click to send bulk messages to Non-DND numbers from 9 AM – 9 PM to generate leads for your Business.
    •         Messages will be delivered for Non DND numbers.
    •         And Messages will not be delivered to DND numbers.
    •         Credits will be refunded automatically if the numbers were DND.
    •         Timing for the Promotional route is 9 AM-9 PM.
    •         Sender id (unlimited).
    •         Also, sender id must contain exactly 6 characters (upper case).


  • Make your dealings more digital through our mobile marketing. Pass information,OTP and details to your customer through message within a second for 24/7. send in bulk to DND numbers too.
  •         Messages will be delivered for both DND and Non DND numbers.
  •         And messages will not be delivered if it is spam content.
  •         Sender id (unlimited).
  •         Also sender id must contain exactly 6 characters (upper case).


                Worried about OTP delivery time? Choose our best plans for API. Delivery time will be 8 seconds per message. High priority routes are provided for API messages.

  •       Messages will be delivered for both DND and Non DND numbers.
  •       OTP Messages must be purely transactional (Information content).
  •       Timing for the OTP route is 24/7. Delivery will be within 10 seconds.
  •       Sender id (unlimited), but have to be integrated accordingly.
  •       Also, sender id must contain exactly 6 characters (upper case) .
  •       API documentation, Sample codes available in the panel in order to integrate.
  •       Sample codes available at VB, C#, JAVA, PYTHON, PHP.

Smart SMS:

  •               Track your messages to reach your target audience in order to take your business to the next level. This feature will be more helpful for lead generation. Send URLs of image, PDF, website or files and documents along with your content and track those auto generated links from our panel to reach your target audience.
  •         Create links of images or pdf or websites you want to attach in your message.
  •         Once send track messages from the report using the track campaign option.
  •         Separate the leads accordingly with the help of report and follow.
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