DLT Registration


We provide guidance to register your company under DLT. Since DLT has become mandatory for all entities to do telemarketing we insist our all mobile marketing customers to follow these procedures to register in DLT.


Documents and details needed to proceed DLT registration:

  •         Business PAN Number with Soft Copy.
  •         Company Name.
  •         GST Number with Soft Copy.
  •         Business Established Date.
  •         Company’s Website.
  •         Business Owner Name.
  •         Business Owner Mail Id.
  •         Alternate Mail Id.
  •         Business Owner Date of Birth.
  •         Complete Business Address.
  •         Proof of Business Identity (PAN Card) with Softcopy.
  •         Proof of Business Entity with Softcopy (GST Reg./Business Reg.)
  •         Authorization letter (Please find the attached format)

Steps to Proceed DLT registration:

  •         Press the link to start DLT Registration https://smartping.live/entity/home
  •         Select: As Enterprise.
  •         Have you registered with any other Mobile Operator DLT Network? Select: No.
  •         Enter Your Business PAN Number.
  •         Fill the form with Required Details.
  •         Verify with OTP.
  •         Verify Your Email.
  •         Upload Required Documents and Fill the Required Details.
  •         After Completion You Will Get, Your Registration Number
  •     You will get your Enterprise Registration Id within 72hrs. of your KYC upload.
  •         Login to Portal.