Radio Drinking

Once all songs are selected and submitted and the game has begun, every time a selected song plays on the music source, the Creator of the game will press the corresponding song on the app interface and the Plus Points message will appear on all screens (probably a popup that will disappear automatically after a few seconds). The owner of the song gets 2 points and the right to choose a number of players to drink ( the field, not including himself). 2. A song can play more than once and be credited more than once to a player 3. The Creator will input the penalized players. 4. The penalized players are required to drink. 5. The Creator does a cup check and applies the results. a. Yes drink is drunk, Plus Points screen appears and player gets +1 point added to their standings. b. No Player goes to purgatory and all his songs are disabled on owners screen, so he is effectively temporarily out of the game. 6. Creator has the option to rescue any player from Purgatory at any time, activating their songs and restoring them to the game. 7. If all of a players chosen songs play, he wins the game game will notify all players. 8. When the timer runs out, the game is over and the person with the most points wins.

ClientRadio DrinkingServicesPhonegapYear11/01/