Bulk SMS: Increase Your Sales People Receive Your Thoughts Digitally.

What is Bulk SMS?

       Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing. Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers.    

Why Bulk SMS?

          Bulk SMS enables its users to send mass text messages nationally and internationally. This is the reason why this type of SMS delivery is one of the best solutions for businesses aiming to reach a specific audience, locally or globally                      

Benefits of Bulk SMS

           Bulk SMS is the best option available for small or big businesses to market their business with low cost.If you are new to SMS marketing then here are some points which can help you to encase your SMS marketing knowledge and you also know about some of the best bulk SMS benefits.

                                  1.High Open Rate

                                  2.High Conversion Rate



                                  5.Easy reach

1.High Open Rate:

                       Compared to other Marketing tools Bulk SMS Marketing has a very high open rate.Almost every SMS sent is open within 10 minutes. Whereas the only fraction of Email sent is open by Email and most of them deliver into the spam box.

2.High Conversion Rate:

                 With SMS you get a high amount of conversion rate compared to Any other marketing.In this ERA, Where there are many messaging apps available in the market Still people prefer SMS to communication. And Especially B2C receives high conversion rates compared to other platforms.


            Bulk SMS Service is very budget friendly and economic compared to billboard, television or magazine advertising.It is the cheapest communication tool available these days. Thousands of messages can be sent in a single click.


         Any person who has a mobile knows how to send SMS.But, if you are looking for sending bulk SMS to your customer then mobile is not a good choice.You need something more reliable and more effective.With SMSLane you can do it with ease and start your bulk sms campaign.

5.Easy Reach:

       Nowadays even the simplest mobile phone has an SMS features.People do not need any internet connection to access the SMS feature that is the best bulk SMS benefit it has very few dependencies. That means you can reach more users with SMS than any other platform.

Types Of Bulk SMS:

                There are mainly two types of Bulk SMS which are actually used by everyone.




                     Promotional SMS is generally used for sending any offers or promotions to new and existing customers. is a great marketing tool.Where we can send messages only for Non DND numbers from 9 AM – 9PM.


                 Transactional SMS is used to communicate with your clients.Where you can send messages to DND as well as Non DND numbers all  24/7 .These transaction messages include API also which is most commonly used as OTP for every business .

Software For Bulk SMS:

               Software is required for sending and receiving bulk messages and various software packages are available. These software packages provide users with the opportunity to add as many phone numbers as required and these phone numbers can be managed in a variety of ways. Most SMS software applications allow the upload of lists of mobile phone numbers using text file,csv file or excel file. Some sophisticated systems can automatically remove any duplicated numbers and the mobile numbers may be validated prior to sending the messages. With enhanced software features, messages can be scheduled to be sent at specific times and/or days and bulk messages can be sent on national and international mobile networks as long as the bulk messaging software provider sends internationally.

Integration of API :

                         If you’re integrating  API into your application, first take a look at SMS API documentation.you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quick and simple it is to add text messaging functionality to your application, using your programming language of choice.

Importance of Bulk sms in Digital Marketing:

                Major benefits that a private or an entity would possibly get a profit of by suggesting that of SMS causation in Bulk.The increment in sales of organizations and every one whereas generates revenant business perpetually.

                             Bulk SMS service not solely helps in generation of offers,however additionally improves exposure of various high brands.Bulk SMS Service activities go because the best suggests that to send made-to-order text messages on to completely different target shoppers of the businesses.


                 The process of a business messaging customers, bulk SMS has seen a resurgence in popularity recently – and it’s not hard to see why.The possibilities for mobile marketing are exciting, and they are growing every day with the rapid development of new technologies and techniques. Mobile is changing, and change is happening fast.The ability to reach customers on their mobile devices with the right message at the right time can deliver customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

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