Voice Call

   Voice calls are the process of Delivering your pre-recorded message to all your customers in a single click. Simple and Powerful APIs. Record all your calls. Real time Call Analytics. Sync Data with CRM. Multi-level IVR System. Services: Sound like a Brand, IVR Order Status Check.

Bulk Voice Calls:

                A bulk voice call service allows one to send a pre-recorded message to a large group of people. With its simple process, one can create their own voice message which can be sent across multiple customer databases and keep track records and earn profits.

What are automated calls?

                        An automated phone call essentially relays a pre-recorded voice message to the customer. Record the message, set up the call, and send it to any number of people you want, at any time.Automated calls are very versatile, and can be used for many things like call blasts, reminders, follow-ups, event based calls, and feedback. Another interesting adoption of call automation is by political parties to garner support.

Customer Friendly:

                     If your target customer resides in distant corners of the world, Voice broadcasting gives the flexibility to personalize your language & message according to that region. This helps in adding a personal touch to your messages. Every business looks for a steady customer base and with the help of voice broadcasting, every single message you want to convey finds a receiving end.

Benefits of using automated calls:

                       An automated phone calling system allows your organization to become more efficient in that you will not have to manually call each person on your subscription list.

                        1.Wider Reach

                        2.Increased Response Rate

                        3.Better Efficiency

                        4.Increased productivity

 1.Wider Reach

                       Reach a large number of people simultaneously within a matter of a few minutes and clicks.Which inturn Increase your sales by sending offers and deals to your customers.

 2.Increased Response Rate

                 It is an established fact that calls have better response rates than SMS. Illiterates can listen and understand pre-recorded audios, and may even find these calls entertaining as receiving an IVR message is something .

3.Better Efficiency

                  Automatic phone calls can be scheduled at a date and time you prefer. Less time spent on calls not only improves customer satisfaction but also decreases employee work pressure.

 4.Increased productivity

                  Do more with less. With the help of auto calls, manpower can be reduced significantly, and the personnel can focus on other important activities.

Advantages of Voice Call Services:

                   1.Low costs

                 2.Simple and convenient to process data


1.Low costs

                 Compared to the conventional questionnaires, it saves time and money to conduct the automated telephone survey. It only requires the time to record the questions beforehand.

2.Simple and convenient to process data

                 The survey is based on the computer system, which leads to a faster way to process, analyse and store the data gathered from the phone calls. In addition, the data is rapidly renewing.


            This Voice calls will be sent through a user friendly panel where the client’s database will be handled with complete secure

Voice Broadcasting – Adding Value

            Voice broadcast has emerged to be the most efficient way and it has also overcome the limitations of traditional ways for advertising. Voice broadcast allows you to connect instantly with customers in various languages and get your messages across with minimal human intervention in the process.

Voice broadcasting has made it possible to cut the cost by eliminating a large number of staff handling the calls and removing the hardwired phone connection lines with the cloud-based digitized approach.

             With a race to reach out to a maximum number of people, voice broadcasting has unprecedentedly proved to be beneficial for the government in spreading awareness about the newly launched schemes, running political campaigns or sending out promotional offers.

Businesses aiming to advertise their services with minimum investments are leveraging this emerging opportunity to the best of their abilities and receiving a tremendous ROI.


             Schedule your recorded call according to the customer’s availability without affecting their already planned day.The statistics related to the voice broadcast stay clear and visible with a better sense of communication.Voice broadcasting software stores a huge database of numbers reducing the last shred of human complication involved in the process.

Expediting the Process:

                As because a lot of similar calls can be possible to do at the same time through voice SMS, thus, it is one of the easiest and faster ways to spread information regarding your brand’s offers or launch of a new product.

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